An increased intensity sweetener made from sugarcane molasses, which is used to improve feed flavor and mask undesirable taste and smell that can impair feed consumption.

This product contains Sucram that exerts positive influence on intestinal health, feed utilization and growth performance in lambs and calves.

Specification: flavor & fragrance enhancer for improving feed consumption and utilization, and growth performance. Designed for supplementing feeds and feed mixes for ruminants, horses and swine.

Dosage: 160-300 g/ton of dry material

Application and Storage: designed for use in feed mixes, mash feed and pelleted feeds. Add to the premix or the vitamin and mineral premix to ensure proper mixing of the product.
Store in a dry and shaded area.

Warnings: avoid direct contact with skin and eyes

Package: 25 kg

Manufacturer: Pancosma S.A, Switzerland.


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