Natural Pigments - Pigments for egg yolks and layers




The pigments yellow and red are feed additives for poultry, designed for supplementing the extra xanthophyll needed for improving the color of the egg yolk.

We "eat with our eyes", and therefore the physical appearance of our food is extremely important.

We offer a product that improves the color (with the help of natural pigments) egg yolk, chicken and fish.

These products are carotenoid based products. Carotenoids are a class of organic pigments mainly found in plants from the red-to-yellow range of the color spectrum, which play an important role in animal feeds. Carotenoids are also antioxidants and precursors to vitamin A.

Their most important attribute for the farming industry is the ability to improve the physical appearance of the products; egg yolks, poultry skin and fish meat.

Carotenoid levels alter between plant species.

The yellow color consists of a naturally occurring marigold flower pigment.

The red color can be produced synthetically or naturally from red pepper.


Application: this product is designed for supplementing feeds and premixes for layers, broilers and fish. The specific dosage is determined in accordance with the required color tone and the levels of xanthophyll naturally existing in the feed (corn/wheat and other components)

Storage: store in a cool and dry area

Package: per customer's request


  1. the product is stable at pelleting temperatures of up to 85°C
  2. Add into the vitamin and mineral premix to ensure proper mixing of the product.
  3. No contraindications