A natural feed supplement that contains essential oils produced by a unique strain of origanum. Origanum oil is rich in polyphenols, and in carvacrol and thymol in particular, which make up 85% of the oil content.



Common use of antibiotics in agriculture has led to multiple studies testing its effect on development of antibiotics-resistant strains of bacteria in animals in general and specifically in humans.

Thus, in recent years the EU has banned a host of medications and antibiotic growth promoters for use in livestock farming.

The last decade has witnessed the development of an innovative alternative industry to nutraceutical antibiotics.



In the 1980's, a Greek group of scientists has launched a comprehensive research encompassing over 40 different strains of the origanum that grows in several regions across Greece.
The scientists extracted oil from each plant and examined its active ingredients.

The active ingredients found in the origanum plant are polyphenolic compounds, key among them being Tymol and Carvacrol that are known for their potent antiseptic properties.

In the last decade, England based Meriden has been cultivating origanum to optimize the concentration of these compounds (above 85%) in the extracted oil.

Orego-Stim is produced from this cultivated plant.



Studies show that polyphenolic compounds from origanum oil are effective against harmful bacteria such as:

  • E. coli
  • Salmonella 
  • Staphylococcus
  • Bacillus
  • Clostridium (causes inflammation of the digestive tract)

Many studies and observations have found that supplementing feed with Orego-Stim has helped to prevent development of inflammatory bowel disease in poultry, while alleviating the need in supplementing the feed with antibiotic growth promoter throughout the entire growing period.

The origanum oil increases regeneration of cells in the digestive tract, thereby promoting rejuvenation of the bowel epitelial tissue, which helps improve absorption.

Moreover, polyphenols found in Orego-Stim have been identified as a very effective antioxidants.


Orego-Stim is effective against parasites inhabiting the digestive system and particularly Eimeria Coccidia that cause coccidiosis in poultry.

Fattening poultry farms in Israel that supplement their feeds with Orego-Stim have demonstrated:

  • Increase in body mass and feed utilization
  • Dry padding
  • Significant decrease in mortality and morbidity rates in the flock
  • Decrease in use of antibiotic medications for digestive tract diseases



Dosage per 1 ton of feed:

Layers/breeding – 800-1000 g of Orego-Stim premix 30%

Broilers/turkeys – as a growth promoter – 1000 g of Orego-Stim premix 30% 
                                as a coccidiostat substitute (+ growth promoter) – 1665 g of Orego-Stim premix 30%

As a growth promoter – 1000 g of Orego-Stim premix 30%

Application and storages: Orego-Stim is marketed to feed mills in Israel as a premix 30%. Add to the premix or the vitamin and mineral premix to ensure proper mixing.
Store in a cool and shaded area.

Application of parallel materials: allowed for use in parallel with other feed additives (growth promoters, medications and coccidiostats). In addition, Orego-Stim can be used in flocks that are immune to coccidiosis in doses of 1000 g of Orego-Stim premix 30%. However, we do not recommend using Orego-Stim alongside probiotic components and yeast because it tends to react negatively with these substances.


Manufacturer: Meridan, England (Anpario Group)