Quality Control

Quality Perception, Product Quality and Safety Goals

The company's management attributes special importance to the quality of our products, offering comprehensive professional solutions to meet the requirements of our customers, and when needed – providing unique solutions especially adapted to the needs of the customer, while also meeting all the relevant mandatory requirements and regulations.

Our professional staff that consists of agronomists, veterinarian, pharmacists and other specialists, enables us to offer our customers a combination of top quality products with advising and instruction services in the fields of feeding, machinery and feed formulations. The company's management recognizes the fact that reaching the determined quality objectives and meeting the expectations of our customers is crucial for maintaining our competitive advantage and increasing our market share. This recognition also helps guide the company's marketing activity. Our strategic goal is to be the top developer and supplier of feed additives (vitamin and mineral premixes) in Israel both in terms of the quality or our products and services, and in terms of customer satisfaction.

The company's management has established a quality control system, which enables us to offer systematic and controlled solutions to our customers, and meet both their expressed and implied expectations from our products and customer service. The quality control system accompanies the process of engagement with the customers as of the first engagement stage (receipt of quotation or order), and through to the stages of product realization and acceptance by the customer following delivery.

Bar-Magen pays special attention to customer satisfaction with the quality of our products and services.

Quality Management

Quality management procedures and guidelines were established to facilitate the systematic development of our company's activity, pursuant to the provisions of the Israeli quality management standard ISO 9001:2015.

Bar-Magen considers product safety to be a central axis of its activity. To ensure the safety of our end users (both animal and human), we apply the HACCP principles. The company's management is committed to implementing all quality procedures and guidelines, organizing the product realization process in keeping with these procedures and guidelines, and invest the necessary resources in HR, infrastructure and work environment to assure top product quality and customer approval rating. The company's activity guided by the stepwise and "Plan-Do-Check-Act" approaches, both on the general management level and the individual process level – indicating our commitment to constantly improving all aspects of our activity, which is achieved by setting periodic product quality and safety goals and objectives.

Our Safety System

Our product safety system undergoes periodic reviews to ensure that it is up to date and meets its required objectives both in respect of quality and the degree of its assimilation amongst all ranks of the organization.

The company's CEO has appointed a product quality and safety assurance officer to manage product quality and safety. The responsibility for implementing the quality procedures and guidelines is vested in all of us, starting with the company's CEO and down to the last employee.

The management notifies all employees of the quality procedures and provisions relevant to their work by providing them instruction and refreshing their knowledge and awareness. The employees are required to assume personal responsibility for product quality by implementing self. quality assurance methodology in their work, which enables us to offer our customer top quality products.

Rami Bergman,
rami bergman