Software & Equipment

Equipment and Software for Feed Mills


Feed Technology

Bar-Magen is a well-established player in the field of feed technology for livestock.

In respect of feed mills and oil production factories, Bar-Magen is the official Israel representative of the Swiss-based Buhler, which is the world's leading manufacturer of feed mill equipment.

Buhler manufactures a wide range of items for feed mills, mixing and weighing equipment, pellet presses, grain clamps, animal feed grinders and other items used in feed handling.

Bar-Magen supplies spare parts (including dies and rollers for pellet presses and hammers for the grinders) and offers support services for B?hler manufactured equipment that is found in practically every feed mill around Israel.

On top of chemical analysis testing, our quality control laboratory also carries out routine blend, grind and pallet quality testing.

We offer various technological advising services to feed manufacturers across Israel.

Feed Formulation Software

For over 25 years, Bar-Magen has been representing Format International Ltd. (Cargill Group), which is an England based global leader in development and marketing of feed formulation software.


ColoQuick - Colostrum Management System